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Page history last edited by Risto Kupsala 16 years, 5 months ago

Mulivo Discussion Forum


Let's use this area for on-site discussions.


Old discussions: 1/2006 2/2006


What happened to MuLiVo?


Hi! In case some people still keep on visiting this site I must inform you that this wiki has been rather inactive, almost on a hiatus, for a while now.

A new wiki with partly similar purpose with Mulivo has been set-up at worldvocabulary.pbwiki.com but it is impossible to say yet how far it will go. Currently there are only a few word pages.

Ironically the vocabulary grouping method of the new wiki is identical to what I suggested at first for Mulivo, but finally I/we decided to follow geographical/language family grouping and let the users make the connections between words. In hindsight it was the wrong decision...

The bright side is that I still find Mulivo a pretty good resource to find shared words between languages. However I don't think that it is worth the effort to type in loads of new words like we did earlier during the activity peak.

Thanks for everyone who helped to build this wiki! Let's turn the page and see you at the pages of worldvocabulary.pbwiki.com! :-)

-- Risto 2007-11-19




Hi! I added Guarani (avañe'ẽ) to the Template so that both large original South American languages are present in Mulivo. Guarani is spoken by about 7 million people in and around Paraguay.

--Risto 2006-08-22




Thanks for letting me contribute to the wiki. I'm not used to the formatting here, so I might take a while getting used to it. Since I am near-fluent in Hebrew, is it possible to add it to the templates, under Middle-Eastern?

~Myishi 11 Jan 07

You're welcome. Yes, you can add Hebrew to the template (and I see that you already did). Thanks for joining!

-- Risto 2007-01-12

Welcome Myishi, and if you have friends who know other languages, feel free to invite them as well!

-- Jens Jan. 12, 2007

Welcome to you!

-- Florent 12/01/2007

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Anonymous said

at 5:42 pm on Dec 9, 2005

Have you noticed that we have been granted with this new discussion function?

Anonymous said

at 9:02 pm on Dec 10, 2005

I noticed it today. It will be useful to add a comment concerning a particular word, but our "forum" is better for general discussion.

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