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Spin-off Languages


New breed of international auxiliary languages


Originally Mulivo was meant to serve as vocabulary resource for a new breed of cross-cultural international auxiliary languages (IALs), which would be influenced by multiple language families. The old breed of IALs (such as Esperanto, Ido and Interlingua) draw almost exclusively from European language sources, which displays a narrow understanding of internationalism and an outdated Eurocentric world view.


Languages influenced by Mulivo



  • Pandunia is a constructed world auxiliary language. The official web site is at http://www.pandunia.info
  • Dunia Patwa and Neo Patwa, two languages (well, the second is actually a modification of the first) by Jens Wilkinson. The official web site is here. (This language merged together with Pandunia in 2012.)


Related projects


WorldVocabulary is a new effort to consolidate translinguistic world auxiliary languages in terms of vocabulary and grammar.


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